February…so far, so good…

I’ve been a very good girl this month in many ways…*toot toot*


I have a new position with a local non-profit arts organization as their online media specialist…this makes me extremely happy. I will get to take heaps of workshops through the year…metal smithing, jewelry design…even an entire course on making chain~! I’m truly excited about that one. I love making chain.


So I’ve been putting in A LOT of hours getting the org up to speed. I’m in push mode…working towards organizing everything before the workshops begin in March. So much to do.


But, I’ve found plenty of time to work on my own jewelry.


Here are pics of everything I’ve done so far this month:


IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3139 IMG_3143 IMG_3136 IMG_3111 IMG_3124 IMG_3088 IMG_3092 IMG_3108 IMG_3077 IMG_3087 IMG_3069 IMG_3031 IMG_3047 IMG_3057 IMG_2921 IMG_2898 IMG_2891


As you can see…lots of Pendants and Necklaces. the Pink Sper-Long beads are a custom order. They really turned out well.


All of the pendant will be on my hand-crafted chain…once I finish making more links. Ha.


That’s what I’m dedicated to to day…making chain. I’ve got my favorite finger protection tape ready to wrap, my bench-pin is in place, my saw is sharp and I have two fresh new coils of steel. 😉


It’s going to be a very full day. And it’s rainy out…so bring it~! I’ve already got my music blasting, and one cuppa down. I’m SOLID.


Solid Gold, kids. 😉


*Cheers to you…now go rock your world in your own way.


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