I love CHANGE…


…not a phrase you hear many people say, right? But I do…love to change things up…love to see things differently…love to begin new adventures. Love It~!


And so…there is a big change happening here on my website. Yep. You’ve probably already noticed that the ‘shop’ is gone. (bah-bye) And in it’s place, we’re (Nola Copper and I)  going to be setting up a new Gallery.


Switching from the Shop aspect to a Gallery was a big decision made in an instant 😉


I have many B&M (bricks and mortar) locations handling my art these days.. keeping up with my online inventory was becoming bothersome. And I do a lot of commission work…so, I still want a great spot to send people to so they can view my work.


The Gallery will include info on where to buy, of course, and a nice bit of my background as an artist. But I will also take the time to emphasise the locations that are carrying my art. Give you little bits of history and the character of each. Also how to contact them, etc. This is a win/win in my mind.


I’ll also continue to blog…and post my newest pieces as they are finished. You can continue to buy directly through me, via messages, comments or Facebook, as has been happening. We’re good to go. 😉


So…stay tuned, while we fine tune. It’s getting ready to get HOT in here. 😉


This is Nola…of Nola Copper Designs…she does the heavy lifting~!  I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s brilliant~!


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