Words I live by:

The last few days my running inner monologue has been, “Oh, well…let’s see what happens.”


I’m the first to admit that I don’t like following rules. But when I am trying to achieve a certain look with whatever I’m creating and it isn’t working…I will ask for help, refer to training manuals, go to those who know. And I will follow their advice which, very often, is an educated experience. Then I follow the rules.


Experimenting is one of my favorite things. And right now I’ve been experimenting a lot. I can’t just do the same thing again and again…even if everything I make is ‘one-of-a-kind, I do have certain designs I’ve developed and that I re-create, always switching things up a bit from pieces to piece.


I tend to keep an eye on trends and styles in the jewelry marketplace. I find it to be important to my creative process. BUT, I add this information to enhance my work, not to mimic a trend…but to apply it into my style.


So…and anyway, I’ve made a lot of earrings…and a few other things (big surprise, huh?)   Here they are:


100_2148 100_2151 100_2153 100_2158 100_2161 100_2170 100_2199 100_2215 100_2217 100_2223 100_2229 100_2310 100_2320 100_2328 100_2336 100_2342 100_2348 100_2355 100_2363 100_2388 100_2393 100_2412 100_2422 100_2454 100_2458 100_2459 100_2462 100_2465 100_2469 100_2474 100_2476 100_2481 100_2487 IMG_3343 IMG_3346 IMG_3347 IMG_3352

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