Pieces From January ’15…plus Online Store News

These are all of the pieces I’ve made this month. Yep, I’ve been busier than normal, so my ‘making’ has suffered a bit. But I’m on track now…making like crazy for backorders, my galleries and a new wholesale account (!)

I’ve also been listening to my fans…and I am going to put my online store back in place. Yes. Even though I have my work in the City Museum, three Galleries and one Boutique, I know there are many folks who want easier access to purchase. I’m making this happen. The shop will be on my FaceBook Page located at Eureka Janet – Artist under the MORE TAB. I’m still pissed at Etsy…so that isn’t happening. 🙂 Look for it within the next couple of weeks.


Here is a sampling of my present work, all from January. Most all pieces consist of Sterling, Copper, Brass and Powder Coating:


IMG_5095 IMG_5100 IMG_5103 IMG_5109 IMG_5112 IMG_5117 IMG_5123 IMG_5129 IMG_5134 IMG_5137 IMG_9118 IMG_9151 IMG_9195_2 IMG_9381 IMG_9558 IMG_9570 IMG_9635 IMG_9680 IMG_9687 IMG_9702_2 IMG_9709 IMG_9733 IMG_9738 IMG_9740 IMG_9744 IMG_9748