Being in need of an adjustment to my ‘I-suck-my-art-sucks-you-suck’ mood…I did my mid-year inventory (finally.) Here are the results. I’m also posting pics of pieces representing each of the main styles I worked on this year.

2015 MID-YEAR INVENTORY – the number of pieces made from January through June.

Waterfalls (long & short) 32

Teresa Collars 9
Dichroic Pendants 101
Fish Pendants 27
Hinged Pendants 13
Variety Pendants 25
Step Pendants 16
Variety Necklaces 18

Barrettes 16
Bracelets 13
Brooches 19
Earrings 91 pairs


And this is just my jewelry…I’ve also been painting with powder and a couple of other projects. Additionally, I watched a shit-ton of movies which I can’t tell you anything about, because I had my head down cutting silver, or some such shit.

Who has an addictive personality?


IMG_3623 IMG_2520 IMG_2667 IMG_2696 Pin April 15 13 IMG_2341 IMG_2186 IMG_2147 IMG_1828 necklace march 3.1 pendant march 40 IMG_1317 hinges march IMG_0564_2 IMG_9118 IMG_8856