…With Tiny Beginnings…

From Eureka Janet…

So it begins~! I’m no longer fooling around. I’ve been mulling for some time now. No More. Time for action~!

To explain further…here’s one of my latest FB postings. Note, some you’ll understand, some you get it as we get to know each other better.

Janet Alexander, Facebook

Today I’m not quite well…yesterday’s Women March took a lot out of me. I’m just not at full speed yet. But getting there~! Great news: my allergy to gluten has been confirmed by a run-in I had with a Hugo’s burger. Yep, heartburn, headache, clogged sinuses, overall crappy feeling. Score one for following my instincts.

And I made a decision today, after pondering for a long time. I’m going to start up a new blog…for myself as much as anything, a journal of sorts. In it, I’ll snapshot the changes going on in my life, my love of discovering ways to organize and design my Tiny House, my love of the beasties, my life with a disability, FOOD…stuff like that. Not too broad, but about life and my tiny awakenings. With loads of links to brilliant ideas and things, I find online. Connected to the Patreon I’m beginning soon, this should work to help me find my audience.

I almost began working on it morning. First I have to rearrange my website. Which will be fun because my friend, Nola Manus Cooper designed the site so that I can get in there and fuss with it at will. She’s brilliant, and I owe her an amazing mobile~!

For today, as lovely as it is outside, I’ve got to take it easy. Very pooped. The LDs and I are going down. Movie and a nap. Sounds good~! Cheers, fuckers~!

The Blog…

Yep. The response from my friends was super. I have a great following. And lots of fun. SO, since I’ve been going through A LOT of changes recently: Health, Tiny House Organization, Beasty (aka, the LDs & BC~!) Care, Learning How To Cook Again, etc., I feel the need to write about it. And post Videos. Yep, I capitalized all of that crap because it’s HUGE to me~! I was practically dying from RA and a looming Lupus diagnoses when I came to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. Fired my doctors, and took over my life. I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes…but when I get it, I fucking Get It, ya know?

So…along with sharing all of this shit with you, I’m going to also be posting tutorials on art projects, a shit-ton of DIY…and my favorite…sharing all of the amazing things I find online in lovely little bites that are easy to digest. Yep, I’ll weed out the crap for you and just bring you the best~! And I’m sure other things will develop…I’m in for the long haul.

Hang in there, I’ll be posting my first bit soon on all of the amazing kitchen equipment I bought recently to accommodate my Tiny House Kitchen…and info on how I’m conquering chronic inflamation~!

Cheers, fuckers~!


And hey~! Here’s my Fav Project Vid of all of the things I did in 2017…Ha~!