Tiny Words About Facebook Newsfeeds…

Okay…this is what I’ve deduced concerning the changes we’re seeing in our Facebook newsfeeds. This is from simple observation and being a seasoned FB user for over 11 years.

1. Less annoying advertising (We’ve ALL read/heard about this. Snooze.)

2. YES, We’re seeing our friends more…and/but…read on…

3. We’re seeing more ‘recent’ posts from friends.

4. We’re seeing more posts that we’ve liked or commented on RECENTLY, that have a HIGH comment/like RATIO. (Friends AND Pages) Don’t get rattled by the Ratio concept, I know many of you are squirming because it comes close to being Science…and science scares you.

5. We’re seeing more friends (and whatever Pages we’ve cozied up to) From Our Region…i.e., those located closest to us.

6. It doesn’t matter how much you ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on a certain friend’s posts…if you don’t FOLLOW that person THEY MAY AS WELL NOT EXIST.

7. We’re seeing more post from friends whose ideologies/tastes, etc., match ours. I know, again, that one is going to be hard for most of you to understand. Sorry, but I’m not going to explain, I don’t have time to wipe bottoms all day long.

8. There’s more, but I’m tired and anyway…IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO: It’s a CRAPSHOOT.

Before I go though…here’s a list of stuff to understand if you don’t want to be FB, Olympic-Gold, STUPID:

1. ANY post on FB that asks you to Cut & Paste is bogus and you should go sit in the FB corner with the morons who take quizzes.

2. About those quizzes…those and the games/what-color-is-my-next-job thingies you take are PHISHING SCAMS THAT SWALLOW YOUR INFO AND YOUR FRIENDS LIST. But you CAN take them if you know what to do. —>THIS: when asked, UNCHECK ‘ALLOW ACCESS TO FRIENDS LIST’ before you take the quiz. BUT, the thing is, they usually won’t let you take the quiz then…BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY REASON THEY OFFER THOSE STUPID THINGS TO YOU FOR FREE.

3. Don’t be stupid…In No Way is FB some protected little garden where you can prance around tossing flowers in the air freely. It is BOUGHT and PAID for by Big Business…and THE $Money$ is gotten somehow, right? RIGHT.

*Here’s a little thingie I did the other day for fun…I saw a post with a What Is Your Russian Princess Title (or whatevs, seriously)…all you had to do was, using your phone number…match the numbers to the words. For instance, the #7 was Ivanka (whatevs)…so I looked at my friend’s friends who had posted their findings…found a stranger…and within two minutes I had that woman’s personal cell phone number. Yes, her Personal Cell Phone Number and I’m not even that smart…imagine dragons and what people who are paid to get info from strangers online are doing with that information that is published PUBLICLY ON FACEBOOK. IMAGINE THAT>

Be Scared, Play Carefully, And FACT CHECK THAT SHIT.

Ugh. Don’t ask me questions, either…because not-so-deeply in my heart I don’t like most of you.

Signing off for the night,

~Nanette (with profanity edited by Janet)

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