Artist Statement

By nature and by nurture I became an artist at a very young age. I was sewing by the age of five and sold my first painting at six. Being raised in a household that was full of creativity I was encouraged to explore and experiment. So, I did.

Through my life, I’ve gone from my childhood years where I created with playful purity of vision, to using it as a vehicle of communication as an adolescent when I had no words to express what I was experiencing. To now. Now I honor my pure love of the process and the constant personal discovery creating brings…which is all wrapped in a deep need to challenge myself.

Creating is a daily meditation. It’s constant as I view the world. My empathic nature cracks open the people I meet to see their true natures, my love of color finds tiny opulent hues hidden in the mundane and the part of me that needs to understand this world searches daily to find its form and function and capture it. The process of being able to create from my observations and experiences brings me deep joy. A joy that is heightened when creating art which also uses my science and engineering skills.

During my adult years, I lived the stereotypical artist’s life, working any job that would afford me the resources I needed to make art. Until I became disabled. As you can imagine, my world flipped – good flip/bad flip.

I’m not one to be still for long. So when I became bedridden for several months I was challenged. I pulled out boxes of bits I’d been collecting and began assembling jewelry. By the time I was able to leave the bed I’d made over 100 necklaces. But I wasn’t satisfied.

Once I was up I began taking metalsmithing workshops. I wanted to create every element in my jewelry, not just assemble. So I did. And then, by off chance, I learned how to use powder coating. My world exploded. I set up a Kickstarter campaign to equip my studio. Its success triggered a total reinvention of my creative life.

Now I’ve branded myself as a powder coating artist. Not only am I working with the powder making metal (copper and Sterling) jewelry, I’m also using the empirical knowledge gained from experimentation to apply powder to a tremendous variety of materials; I paint it on canvas, I sculpt with it on ceramics…I have yet to find an end to its application.

This year my project for The 30th Annual May Festival of the Arts 2017 in Eureka Spring, AR was chosen to highlight the month. I designed four large mobiles to be displayed in Basin Spring Park. Focusing on color through powder coating and strong symbolic design, each mobile captures the essence of one of the four seasons. Now titled The Four Seasons Project, my engineering partner John Stalling helped me build two 20′ tall structures which will each display two mobiles. Normally the May project winner displays only for the month, but because of the scope of my project, I’ve been asked by the City to display the work for a full year. It’s a great honor. The opening celebration of The Four Seasons Project will be held on May 5th, 2017.

In our region, I’m the qualified expert on using powder coating with small-scale techniques. Some of which I’ve personally invented. I lead workshops and teach privately. Additionally, I’m working on a book and a series of videos focused on powder coating jewelry, sculpture, and painting.